Great Projects Start From The Ground Up

The construction sector may be resistant to change, but our clients’ visions and aspirations evolve rapidly. With constrained budgets, an urgency for swift delivery, minimal risk tolerance, and a preference for hassle-free experiences, it’s only logical to opt for a firm that can manage the most challenging aspects of a project internally.

Bilt Structures

By bringing the structural works in house, we de-risk the most difficult aspect of any project. Our clients benefit from unnecessary financial mark-ups, as well as programme gains, leading to reduced cost and time – an offering greater than any competitor on the market.

Basements & Substructures

Expertise in crafting robust basements and foundational structures, ensuring stability and precision from the ground up.

Groundworks & Drainage

Laying the bedrock for success with excavation, site preparation, drainage and foundational work. Ensuring a solid start for every project.


From timber to steel, concrete to traditional materials, we craft frames that stand strong and true. Foundation of function and form combined.

Hard / Soft Landscaping

 Transforming spaces with a blend of durable hardscapes and lush greenery. Crafting environments that resonate beauty and functionality.

Our Structures Works

Working With Bilt


Digitised Process

We embrace technology to streamline every aspect of your project. Our digitised processes improve communication, collaboration, and decision-making, resulting in a smoother, more efficient construction experience. From the beginning to project completion, our digital solutions enable us to deliver superior results while minimising delays and reducing costs.

Improved Collaboration & Communication

Less Delays And Cost Surprises

Efficient Construction Experience

Central Document Management

Stay organised and informed with our state-of-the-art document management system. We store all project-related documents, including contracts, permits, designs, and invoices, on a secure, cloud-based platform. With easy access to these important files, you can review, share, and collaborate on the go, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that your project stays on track.

Scrap The Folders, Emails, WhatsApps and Texts

Review, Collaborate & Share On The Go

Avoid Costly Errors

Bilt Document Management
Bilt Progress Tracking

Regular Progress Updates

We understand that staying informed about your project’s progress is essential for your peace of mind. That’s why we provide regular progress updates through our user-friendly online portal. Simply log in to view real-time information on project milestones, construction timelines, and budget tracking, giving you full control and visibility over your investment.

Be Confident With Timings & Completions

Spot Risks & Delays

Take Out The Guess-work

Site & Photo Diaries

Visualise your project’s development with our comprehensive photo diaries. Our construction team captures high-quality images of the site at every stage, allowing you to monitor the progress and see the transformation in real-time. The photo diaries not only provide valuable documentation but also serve as a beautiful keepsake of your project’s journey.

Save Time & Cost With An Accurate Visual Record

Stay In The Loop With The Job Site

Stay Connected To Your Site, Wherever You Are

Bilt progress photos
Bilt 3D Tracking

3D Model Tracking

Experience your project come to life with our advanced 3D model tracking feature. Using cutting-edge technology, we create detailed 3D models of your construction site, enabling you to visualise the final outcome and track its progress at various stages. This interactive tool helps identify potential issues early on and facilitates better communication between the team and clients, ensuring a seamless construction process.

Walk Through Your Job From Your Desk

Avoid Coordination Issues

See Your Project Through It's Various Stages