About Us

We’re not just builders; we’re forward-thinking innovators, re-imagining the built world.

About Bilt

Born from a passion for crafting high-end bespoke residential homes, Bilt was the brainchild of founders Owen & James. Their combined successes on numerous projects sparked the idea to create a dedicated brand for discerning private clients seeking to construct their dream homes. 

At Bilt, we transcend traditional building; we’re visionaries continuously reshaping the construction landscape. Our commitment is to a smarter, more vibrant future in construction, and we’re leading the charge to make that vision a reality

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Meet The Team

At Bilt, we’re not just builders; we’re forward-thinking innovators, constantly reimagining the way things are done. We believe in a brighter, smarter construction future, and we’re here to pave the way.

James Brett nf

James Brett


Owen Drury_nf

Owen Drury


Jess Brett nf


Head of Finance

Sophie Woollacott nf

Sophie Woolacott


Alex Salmon

Quantity Surveyor

Ricky Brett

Ricky Brett

Construction Manager

Samet Muhaj

Samet Muhaj

Construction Manager

Our Projects

Our team has been delivering construction projects for over 40 years. Check some of them out below:

Our History

Bilt is a specailist division of Edgeley Construction, focused specifically on creating bespoke residential properties. Edgeley Construction, founded in 2010 and off the back of 30 years prior success, underpins Bilt’s strategy to delivering world class construction.

You can check out Edgeley Construction by visiting https://www.edgeley.co/.

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