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Delivering Residential Construction To London For Over 40 Years

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Bringing Residential Home Construction To The 21st Century.

You’ve heard the stories. Construction work is a nightmare.

Unaffordable designs, mysterious quotations, rising costs, and a never-ending programme. The list is endless.

Bilt was born to give homeowners the simplest way to construct their home renovation projects.

Our Services


Our build team has over 40 years of trading history. We deliver successful projects one after another.

Project Management

Managing an entire construction project is hard. We know. Bilt offers a holding hand to help you see your project through.

Project Planning

Just planning? That’s fine. Pick our project planning service to get a project scope, concept designs and a budget guide.

Transparency, Efficiency & High Quality

Bilt's Unique Approach:

We deliver renovation projects with a humanistic digital-first approach, that improves collaboration, and eliminates nasty surprises.


  • Crafty pricing tricks
  • Poor communication
  • Hidden extras
  • Unclear progress and reporting
  • Forgettable experience

Built By Bilt

  • Modern day processes
  • In-house build team
  • Transparent costs
  • Dedicated project management platform
  • Unforgettable experience

We've developed a game-changing experience to guide you seamlessly through your project.

Bilt Tech Stack

Digitised Processes

Bilt Document Management

Central Document Management

Bilt Progress Tracking

Transparent Progress Tracking

Bilt progress photos

Photo Diaries

Bilt 3D Tracking

3D Progress Tracking

Best In Class Build Team

Our construction team has over 40 years of experience delivering successful projects over and over again. You ‘re in safe hands from start to finish.

Your Personal Project Hub

Most of the time, people have no idea how their project is progressing. Including their builder.

Track your project through our online dashboard and get full insights into progress, financials and more. 

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Bilt iphone chat
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Book A FREE Project Consultation:

Unsure or stuck? Got some questions related to your project? Get help from our experts who have years of experience and feel confident in your project.

Book a totally FREE no questions asked project consultation. Simply choose a date and time using the calendar below.


Our main customers are homeowners. We work with anyone who’s looking to either extend, refurbish or both.

No matter how many articles you read, you’ll never really understand the cost of your project until you’ve finished designing. And even then, you’re never certain until the works are complete.

With Bilt, we’ll keep you informed of costs the whole way, so you’ll never be hit with surprises.

Bilt’s in house contracting team carry out all of our construction works. Our team has over 40 years of delivering construction projects in and around London. In today’s age, this is pretty much unrivalled. You’re in safe hands.

The home renovation industry has not changed for years. And the accepted norm is way below what’s acceptable. We’re bringing the home renovation industry to the 21st century where the customer is the centre of the entire experience – using technology, a refined process and a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation.

Our key offering is construction to residential clients. Check out our services to see more.