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If you’re looking for a reliable builder in Clapham, look no further than Bilt to help you find the best builders in Clapham. 

We offer a wide range of construction services to homeowners in the area and have years of experience in the construction industry and on site, so you can be sure that we know what we’re doing.

Loft conversions, extensions, refurbishment and more.
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Thinking of renovating your home?

You’re in the right place. Bilt’s site team has been helping homeowners renovate their homes for over 40 years. We have the experience and expertise to make your renovation dreams a reality – no matter what size or scope your project may be.

We want you to love your home – not just tolerate it. That’s why we take such care in every step of the renovation process, from planning to execution. You can trust us to deliver on our promise of quality workmanship and superior customer service with great advice.

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Loft Conversions

When it comes to Clapham loft conversions extensions, there are a few different types of options available.

Dormer loft conversions

The most popular is the dormer conversion. With this type of conversion, additional space can be created by adding an additional room and an extra window. This means you can increase the living space in your home without having to extend the size of your property.

Hip to gable loft conversions

Another option is a hip-to-gable conversion, which involves extending one side of the roof from hip to gable (where the sloping edge meets the vertical edge). This adds more usable space than a dormer and also gives you more headroom, if you decide to create another floor or mezzanine area with your Clapham loft conversion.

We understand the unique nature of loft conversion projects and can provide advice on what is feasible within the space available. Our team has a wealth of experience with all types of attic conversion in Clapham and Central London and can provide helpful guidance throughout the entire project, from inception to completion.

Bilt's Team Has Over 40 Years of Experience...

Rear Extensions

Constructing a rear extension in Clapham can be a worthwhile endeavor, provided you go about it the right way.

Watch out for regulations

To begin, you will need to select a builder who is well-versed in the London regulations surrounding extensions, as they will need to ensure that all of the necessary local authority regulations are complied with. Planning permission will most likely be required unless any proposed alteration falls within permitted development rights.

Your builder should also investigate if your existing property has any restrictions or obligations imposed upon it that must be considered to ensure smooth and successful construction work.

Furthermore, it is important to take into account the existing environmental regulations before beginning any construction project in London, as they can vary greatly depending on the borough that you live in. Following all these guidelines will ensure your builder has a good working knowledge of building laws and regulations within the chosen borough in order to avoid any major issues further down the line.

Rear Extension in Clapham
Side Extension in Clapham

Side Extensions

If you are considering building a side extension in Clapham, this can be a complex building project. It’s important to consider multiple factors such as whether you need an architect, building regulations, budget, and complexity of the building project. Before embarking on the building project, you should research ideas and think carefully about the type of extensions that best meets your needs. Consulting with experienced builders in Clapham can help bring your plans to life professionally. Be sure to take time to plan out the building project before you start, as this will assist in keeping costs down and simplify the process.

In terms of design ideas for side extensions, these will depend heavily on your personal style as well as the available space within the property. There is a wide variety of options available including single-storey or multi-story designs, different types of roofing materials and even features such as crittall doors or metal cladding.

We're Transforming The Home Renovation Experience.

Undertaking a home renovation should be one of the most exciting times of your life. A new space to grow a family, entertain friends, or simply spend some of your hard-earned cash.

Sound’s great, doesn’t it?

Well… the truth is, it’s a misery. And we know.

Uncertain costs, delays, confusion, frustration, and an outdated process. The words to describe the current home renovation process are never ending.

Property Refurbishment

Refurbishing one’s own home is an exciting process, but can be quite daunting. Getting the best results for your own space often require professional assistance if you are wanting a real upgrade in style and function.

Bathroom Refurbishment Clapham


For example, when renovating a bathroom, consider replacing outdated fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs and sinks with new modern styles, or creating more luxury experiences by adding high-end tiles and/or steam showers.

Bedroom Refurbishment


Renovating bedrooms may involve giving them a face-lift by freshening up paint colours or adding bold furnishings to make the space pop.

Kitchen Refurbishment Clapham


Meanwhile creating an ergonomically designed kitchen or office area helps to maximise efficiency for those spaces. There are plenty of great ways to refurbish your home and ultimately get the best final result when it's finished!

Kitchen Extensions

Building a kitchen extension in Clapham is the perfect way to accommodate a growing family while also creating an inviting space to entertain your guests.

It’s important to consider the style of your home when planning an extension, so it complements the existing building and blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Additionally, working with professionals such as quality builders in Clapham who understand the local planning policies and requirements will ensure that all necessary approvals are being taken care of, resulting in an efficient build that can be enjoyed for years to come.

In the Clapham area, there are a variety of reputable professionals who specialize in kitchen extensions, each bringing their own unique skillset and knowledge.

Working together with them to plan the perfect extension for you can help make sure that the end result is exactly what you had envisioned – from layout and size to materials and dining entertainment solutions.

Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions and involve yourself in the process: after all, it’s likely that your family will depend on that kitchen extension for many years ahead.


Undertaking a basement extension in London can be a tricky business, so it’s vital to do your research and make sure you pick the right builder.

 Look out for previous work they have completed that is similar to what you want, and pay careful attention to reviews of the company to ensure that previous clients were happy with their results. 

Once you’ve chosen a builder, make sure they know exactly what you want from the project by being involved throughout the whole process. This won’t guarantee success but it will help you getting an extension that you are happy with when it is completed!

Basements in Clapham

When looking for a builder to carry out work on your basement, it is important for those living in Clapham to not address it in the same way they would approach a loft conversion. Basement projects are far more complex and require picking some trusted traders with greater experience and knowledge, so it is essential to research thoroughly and make sure the chosen builder is highly recommended. Before any project starts, fixed-cost agreements will also need to be negotiated.

Check The Paperwork!

Potential pitfalls may be hidden within the paperwork and budgeting needs to be as detailed as possible in order to avoid any unforeseen issues further down the line. With trusted builders, detailing what has been agreed can help ensure everything runs smoothly throughout each step of the process.

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